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The Wonky Edge

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

This was my barbell the other day, before I added weight to it. I noticed it was wonky 'an accurate representation of my life' I quipped.

It started a train of thought that flowed through the whole of that training session and into the following week. 'I am a bit wonky. I have always been a bit wonky and thank goodness for that!!!'

Let me explain. For a long time in my life I felt like I was too wonky to fit anywhere. Not clever enough, not fast enough, not creative enough. I thought differently to others, choosing to believe in goodness and possibility only to be called naive. I acted like myself when I joined the corporate world only to be told I wasn't 'business like' enough - whatever that means, I still don't really know. When I became a facilitator I was crushed with self-expectation that I needed emulate the style of others - believe me I crashed and burned.

Then one day I had an experience that re-set my self belief in an instant. It was this that helped me to understand that embracing who I am, with all my bits of wonky, is the way for me to BE. This is the place where I feel at peace, confident, strong, creative and happy.

The Re-Set

I travelled to my friend Derek Clark's stables in Gloucestershire with a colleague of mine Veronica Smith. He did exec coaching using his horses - we called him a horse whisperer and we were invited to experience what he does, I was exited to go.