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Last year I did a TedX talk

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

I could have spoken about so many versions of strength and resilience. Or maybe spoken about how the Fortitude Formula is the magic potion that will endow you with supreme resilience with one sip. I didn’t do that though, I decided to talk about my experiences with trauma and how I tried and failed for years to plough on through complex PTSD with broken strategies until one day the trauma won and I broke. I designed and created Fortitude on the back of struggling to get ‘through’ and a deep desire for no one to ever feel the pain that I had carried with me for a life time. In the process of recovery, I realised that I can’t help people avoid pain – life isn’t like that. What I can do is help people navigate it, get through it and come out the other end with a personal strength beyond what was even imagined as possible I understand now why I told the story I did in the TED X talk. I wanted to share that I KNOW: I know hard I know pain I know struggle I know pretending to be ok I know stuck I know lost I know lonely

But, what I also know is how to get through it and how to celebrate the results of the journey. I know how to turn hardship into your own version of resilience – FORTITUDE I am here to help you do that.

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