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It’s a funny old thing when you put yourself into a public arena and share your truth. My coping strategy is to blur it all out and make it small just in case it was terrible, rubbish and embarrassing. My ego can be a silly, not very nice bugger sometimes. Yesterday I heard some feedback that my TedX Talk was someone’s favourite because of all the reasons I got the fear. It was real and emotional. I took the audience with me. I wasn’t selling and it was simply my truth. Effecting change and taking steps toward my goal of healing the worlds trauma begins with 1 person and hearing this yesterday bought tears of relief, surprise and gratitude. Thank you to all of you who have had and continue to have ears and souls to offer me. FORTITUDE is for you all. I will be sharing the first element of the formula next week so watch this space. 2020 is about finding our own real resilience. All the love

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